Our Products

Lubricants  [More]

We assist supply of lubricants for various purposes, manufactured with the best base stocks for its lubricating fluid and has developed the most advanced formulation of thickening agents. The comprehensive range of lubricants is a beginning of a new standards and is designed to provide end users, with more efficiency and high performing lubricants.

Metal Cans  [More]

We supply Metal Conical pails for capacities ranging from 1 litres to 25 litres. They are supplied with a crimp-on lug lid or Round cans with lids as per the requirement.

DRUMS  [More]

We supply drums.

GPS Fleet Management  [More]

We provide assistance in GPS Fleet Management System. Getting the most out of your fleet requires much more than basic GPS tracking. Knowing the precise location of your vehicles and drivers at all times is essential.

Packaging & Strech Films  [More]

We provide quality packing product, complete packaging solutions for industries such as small and large scale industries, food, pharmaceuticals, chemical and oil, beverages cosmetics, electronics and software, consumer goods manufacturers and distribution, printing press an logistic centers.

Can Components & Easy Open Ends  [More]

We supply custom made 73mm, 84m, 99mm Easy Open Ends, Suitable for packing all kinds of dry food (such as milk powder, coffee powder, seasoning ,tea) , semi-liquid foods, farm products, etc.

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